Getting market rates on pay

To ensure you remain competitive as an employer, survey the pay rates and other conditions offered by rival firms in your industry or locality. Surveys are commercially available from sources such as employer organisations and recruitment agencies/consultants, or you can make informal ‘information exchange’ arrangements with other employers. In return, you should be willing to participate in surveys and provide data on your organisation’s own pay rates and conditions.
Note: other documents needed
As the 'Pay and Conditions' topic is so broad, you should (in addition to examining the documents listed below), examine the documents provided in  other Categories such as Employee Conduct and PerformanceTermination and RedundancyEEO and Privacy and WHS and Workers Compensation, as these will also be relevant.

Pay & Conditions

What’s the prognosis for collective bargaining?

By Mike Toten on 15th Oct 2018

The use of collective bargaining has declined sharply in Australia over the past decade or so, and some people blame this for the problems being caused by low levels of wages growth. But is there a link between the two? Should more collective bargaining be encouraged? What amendments to bargaining provisions should be made?

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Landmark ‘casuals’ decision: does it affect you?

By HR Advance on 2nd Oct 2018

A recent Fair Work decision means many employees currently described by employers as ‘casuals’ could in fact be permanent. This article explains the background to the decision and provides guidance on what you should do if you employ long-term casuals.