Comply with the law

Legislation affects recruitment in the following areas:

  • equal opportunity/discrimination
  • privacy
  • award/agreement provisions
  • employment contract law
  • apprentices and trainees
  • minimum employment age
  • occupational health and safety
  • taxation
  • trade practice laws.

Make sure you are familiar with all relevant legal requirements before proceeding. The Useful Links section on HR Advance provides you with links to government and other useful websites that may be of assistance.

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Casual Conversion – 5 Steps to Ensure Compliance

By Catherine Ngo on 20th Nov 2018

Is your business prepared for the casual conversion changes? From 1 October 2018, casual conversion rights and obligations will affect the majority of employers across Australia. To help you prepare for the new obligations, we’ve outlined what you need to do and know in order to be compliant.