Policies and procedures

Clients should have policies that cover the various issues relating to pay and conditions in your business and back them up with procedures (which are steps for implementing the policies in a practical way). You should also ensure they are widely publicised, explained to employees, and that employees clearly understand them.
Common areas relating to pay and conditions that benefit from having a workplace policy include:

  • how to reimburse an expenses claim
  • whether to pay educational assistance to employees
  • workplace flexibility, including whether employees are allowed to work from home
  • incentives, bonuses and KPIs
  • when to allow an employee to take leave without pay
  • rostering and paying for days off
  • whether employees are required to sign on/off each day.

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Casual Conversion – 5 Steps to Ensure Compliance

By Catherine Ngo on 20th Nov 2018

Is your business prepared for the casual conversion changes? From 1 October 2018, casual conversion rights and obligations will affect the majority of employers across Australia. To help you prepare for the new obligations, we’ve outlined what you need to do and know in order to be compliant.