Paying employees

Paying employees covers the following areas:

  • payment of ordinary wages and salary, as required by legislative minima, award, agreement and individual contract provisions
  • overtime payments
  • shift loadings and allowances
  • other allowances, eg for first-aid, travel, entertainment
  • salary packaging — providing other benefits as components of the overall remuneration package
  • deduction of income tax from employees’ pay
  • other deductions from pay as authorised by employees
  • bonuses, commissions and other incentive payments
  • carrying out garnishee orders — where a court orders deductions from an employee’s pay to be made to the party that obtained the court order
  • providing pay slips to employees setting out full details of pay and deductions (including tax)
  • maintenance of payroll records in compliance with legislation.

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Casual Conversion – 5 Steps to Ensure Compliance

By Catherine Ngo on 20th Nov 2018

Is your business prepared for the casual conversion changes? From 1 October 2018, casual conversion rights and obligations will affect the majority of employers across Australia. To help you prepare for the new obligations, we’ve outlined what you need to do and know in order to be compliant.