Pay & Conditions

“Pay and Conditions” covers the complete aspects of leave and holidays, remuneration and general conditions of employment.

When establishing, altering, or clarifying pay and conditions, clients will need to refer to, or supply, particular documents. These include external documents such as award pay scales and internal documents such as policies and procedures.

Paying employees

Payroll covers not only payment of wages and salaries, but record keeping, salary packaging and deductions.

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Employee conditions

‘Conditions’ refers to conditions of employment and employees’ entitlements.

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Employers' legal obligations

An employer's key obligation is to comply with all the relevant legal employment requirements.

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Policies and procedures

You should have policies that cover issues relating to pay and conditions in your business and back them up with procedures.

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Don’t confuse policies with contracts

Many employers refer to their policies and procedures in employment contracts. This should be avoided.

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Getting market rates on pay

To ensure you remain competitive as an employer, survey the pay rates and other conditions offered by rival firms in your industry or locality.

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Casual Conversion – 5 Steps to Ensure Compliance

By Catherine Ngo on 20th Nov 2018

Is your business prepared for the casual conversion changes? From 1 October 2018, casual conversion rights and obligations will affect the majority of employers across Australia. To help you prepare for the new obligations, we’ve outlined what you need to do and know in order to be compliant.