What is adverse action?

'Adverse action' refers to action taken by an employer, employee, a contractor or an industrial association, and includes:

  • dismissing, injuring, or altering an employee’s position, or discriminating against current employees;
  • a prospective employer’s refusal to employ a prospective employee, or discriminating on the terms and conditions on which a prospective employee is offered employment;
  • terminating or altering the position, or injuring an independent contractor, by a principal or prospective principal;
  • ceasing work or taking industrial action by an independent contractor against a person (eg a principal);
  • an employee ceasing work in the service of the employer, or undertaking industrial action (however protected action would be an exception);
  • an industrial association taking industrial action against a person or any action that prejudices a person in their employment (or prospective person’s employment).

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Preventing sexual harassment [infographic]

By on 16th Mar 2018

Employers and the general public are becoming increasingly aware of the issue of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. Download our infographic with the latest statistics and suggestions for preventing sexual harassment.