What is a workplace right?

An employer is prohibited from taking adverse action against a person as a result of a person’s workplace right, the exercise or non-exercise of that right, or the person’s proposal to exercise or not exercise a workplace right in the future.
A person has a 'workplace right' if they:

  • are entitled to the benefit, or have a role or responsibility under a workplace law, workplace instrument or order of an industrial body (for example, an entitlement or benefit such as personal leave);
  • are able to initiate, or participate in, a process or proceeding under a workplace law or instrument (for example, the participation in protected industrial action); or
  • are able to make a complaint under a workplace law to seek compliance with that law or an industrial instrument (for example, an application to the Fair Work Commission for the initiation of unfair dismissal proceedings, or a complaint to the Fair Work Ombudsman).

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Preventing sexual harassment [infographic]

By on 16th Mar 2018

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