Conduct & Performance

It is vitally important employers manage their employees' conduct and performance as part of conducting their businesses effectively and efficiently.

Having a company performance and misconduct policy provides some protection from claims for unfair dismissal or, in the case of award-free employees, claims of wrongful dismissal or breach of contract under common law.

It is important for employers to define the type of behaviour they consider to constitute misconduct in the workplace. Applying the proper process under the policy is also important when conducting, say, an investigation into an employee’s alleged misconduct.

Managing employee conduct and performance

A useful way to think of performance management is to think of it in terms of both employee conduct and employee performance.

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Using the documents

The documents listed below will assist you with both employee conduct and employee performance. For example, the Performance Management Checklist provides guidance on the steps which should be followed in managing an employee's performance and/or conduct.

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Policies and procedures

Many aspects of employee conduct and performance are covered by workplace policies and procedures featured on HR Advance such as the Code of Conduct, Performance and Misconduct Policy, Attendance and Absenteeism Policy etc.

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Performance management

Managing your workers' performance is vital to your business' performance

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